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Our History

The Founding

On January 13, 1893, “an ecclesiastical council” convened at the Agriculture Club House, Columbia County. The object of the call was “that quite a number of the members of the Old Union Baptist church thought that as there was no Baptist church in this neighborhood and thought this a good field to serve our Master and do good to others, we feel it our duty to organize a Baptist Church at this place.”  The Church was named in honor of Frank H. Powell.  The following were some of the earliest members: Rev. W.J. Rogers, Rev. J.M. Atkinson, W.W. Hamilton, A.T. Verdery, W.H. Jones, F.W. Powell, N. J. Powell, P.B. Mundy, G.F. Powell, J.D. Connell, J.W. Powell, Mrs. Ellen Powell, Mrs. M.E. Powell, Mrs. Missouri Connell, Mrs. F.U. Clary, Mrs. Emily Powell, Mrs. Alicia Powell, Mrs.Martha Hicks, Mrs. A.P. Toll, Miss Annie Parkman, and Mrs. Willie M. Parkman.

The Early Years

The original building/sanctuary was dedicated on Sunday, July 30, 1899.  In 1964, the Educational Building was constructed.  The present sanctuary was completed October 5, 1975.  During July – September, 1986, the old sanctuary which had served as our fellowship hall for 11 years was torn down.  A ground-breaking ceremony for the new Educational Fellowship Hall was held on August 27, 1989; and the Dedication Ceremony was held July 15, 1990.  The Educational Fellowship Hall has been named in honor of “Papa” John Boyce Milford, 1903-1994.

Powell was next to the youngest Church in the Hephzibah Association during its Centennial in 1894.  On October 28, 1914, delegates from Powell joined 24 other Baptist Churches to form the Kilpatrick Association. J.M. Atkinson, our Pastor, was elected as Moderator; and Powell has been a part of the Kilpatrick Association ever since.  On March 17, 1894, a “Prayer Meeting” was organized and met each Sabbath morning.  Sunday school was first organized on April 26, 1899, with A.C. Milford, Superintendent.  Baptist Training Union was organized in 1950 with L.B.Anderson, Director.  Full-time services began December 3, 1970.


Our earliest records show a membership of 78 in 1915 and 83 in 1931 when a revision of the roll was done.  Resident membership in 1964 was 105 with a budget of $2,605.  By January, 1991, the Church had grown to a resident membership of 360 and a budget of $130,254.  As of June, 1996, Powell Baptist Church has a resident membership of 404 and a budget of $183,361.


W.J. Rogers (1893-1899)
J.M. Atkinson (1900-1918)
W.F. West (1918-1919)
J.W. Parker (1919-1925)
T.A. Burrell (1925-1926)
E.J. Clark (1926-1929)
J.W. Haley (1930-1932)
R. W. Johnson (1933-1936)
T.A. Burrell (1937-1940)
Albert Boiter (1941-1943)
W.A. Barfield (1943-1947)
Sam Shaw (1947-1950)
Robert Boyd (1950-1951)
Louie Creech (1951-1968)
Lloyd Brewer (1968-1972)
Jimmie Napier (1972-1973)
Paul Posey (1974-1977)
Edward Mimbs (1978-1980)
Marvin Kelly (1981-1983)
Larry Williams (January 1984-May 1993)
Harold Ritchey (Interim Pastor from June 1993 – July 1994)
Randall Whitaker(August 1994 - October 2017)

Bill Harrell (Interim Pastor January 2018 - Sept 2018)

Nick Bates (Sept 2018 - Present)

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