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At this time, the PBC COVID-19 team has deemed it appropriate to reopen the church. Our goal is to ensure the safety of the congregation as we strive to worship our Lord together as a body of believers in an environment that is as safe as possible.

All in-house services and organizations have resumed. The Sunday morning and Sunday and Wednesday evening services will continue to be broadcasted on Face Book Live.

It is important to note that if anyone feels uncomfortable or unsafe attending services, they are highly encouraged to not attend.

It will be imperative that the following recommendations are followed to help ensure everyone’s safety.  We ask that each person takes the safety of themselves and others seriously.

The recommendations for in house services will include the following:


  • Continuing to broadcast with Face Book Live..

  • Social distancing of non-cohabitating families by a minimum of 6 feet in the pews.

  • To help maintain social distancing, every other pew should remain empty.

  • We encourage the high-risk groups to not attend in person. This includes the: elderly (over the age of 65), immunocompromised and those suffering from obesity, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, asthma, lung disease, etc.

  • Anyone who is feeling ill or has had a possible exposure to a known COVID-19 positive person is encouraged to not attend in person until they are cleared by a physician.

  • Everyone who enters the building must wear a mask. Each person is encouraged to bring their own mask. (We have a limited supply for those who present without one).

  • All who enter must use the hand sanitizer that is available at the foyer entrance.

  • Physical contact such as hugging, hand shaking, fist pumping, etc. is discouraged.

  • No passing of the offering plate. It will be placed in the foyer for folks to drop off their tithes and offerings.

  • If at any time an attendee tests positive for COVID-19, they are highly encouraged to notify the pastor so that the others may be informed of possible exposure. Adjustments to services will then be considered.

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